Tile Saw – To Rent or Not

tile sawWhen it comes to power tools, there is an ongoing debate on whether you should buy them or just rent them, this is most evident when you need a tool like a tile saw. In this article you will get a brief introduction to these kinds of saws; what they are, and what they are used for. You will also be presented different points on why it is better to buy/rent this particular tool.

Introduction to Tile Saws

As the name implies, tile saws are implements used for cutting stone, ceramic, or concrete tiles. You may have seen other contractors using a small tool to cut tiles to size, these are not saws, these are tile cutters. The difference between them is that saws have a serrated circular blade, whereas a tile cutter uses a sharp, fixed blade to score the surface of the tile, making it easier to break off. It is better to use a tile saw rather than a tile cutter because you can make smoother and cleaner cuts.

Tile saws work in the same way as table saws, or at least most of them do, as you push the tile across a spinning circular blade that is fixed on a rigid base; in fact, some models of tile saws even look like miniaturized table saws. Another difference is that you need to apply coolant on the blade when you are cutting tiles because they do tend to heat up considerably because of the friction between the tiles and the saw blade itself.

Different Kinds of Tile Saws

There are several different types of tile saws you can choose from, depending on your particular needs. There are small, fixed tray saws that are compact enough that you can easily carry them all around the house. These saws are fitted with small blades so they are adequate for small jobs like replacing a couple of broken wall or floor tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

Then there are the saws that have a sliding tray, these are commonly used by professional contractors. These have more powerful electric motors so they can cut through different types of tiles quite easily. Contractors prefer these kinds of tile saws not just because of their powerful motors, but also because it is easy to get spare parts for them.

And then there are the overhead tile saws. These saws are different because the blade is the one that moves across the tile. The electric motor and blade runs on a rail which is then lowered and pulled across the surface of the tile. Since these saws have no side barriers, you can cut wider-sized tiles. These are usually used in the larger construction projects, and used for cutting large, granite floor tiles.

Should You Buy Tile Saws or Just Rent Them?

Whether you should purchase you own tile saw or rent one is totally up to your personal preferences. For instance, if you are just planning on doing a simple repair job around the house, like maybe replacing a cracked tile in your bathroom, then you probably should just rent one. But if the repair works are rather extensive, and you think that it will take a while before you will be finished, then you will probably be better off in getting one for your own use.

Regardless on whether you choose to buy or rent a tile saw, it is important that you use a brand or model that is well-known for its durability and performance. And you should always take note of the safety precautions that come with the saw, and always use protective gear when using the equipment, because even though it is not that large, it can still cause serious injury.

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